Social media and Community manager

Why you are the best fit for this role

I create enthusiasm through my writings and with that, Social Media also works as a bridge among our followers with us. I love people that’s why I write something that people can also love and engage with my articles on Social media.
What do you want to do 3 years down the line

For first 1 months, I have to explore the things that are to be improved with our teams and then make an implementations policy that will effect immediately to the company’s works.

In 3 months, we are going to watch the changes in real time with increase in number of followers, internships and opportunities. With that, I also want to make the website as the biggest Students’ community website in terms of getting various information & queries from other twenty19 users.

There are lots of other plans that need time to get prepared.

Links to your social profile pages – blog / Facebook/Twitter/ Quora/ Google+ links


Twitter: @Rohiroj